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In the Beginning by Abby L. Vandiver

I really enjoyed this book! Justin, a Biblical archeologist, is going to make the discovery of a lifetime. She learns that Dr. Yeoman, the scientist in charge of the translation … Continue reading

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Summer Confessions by Lynn Vroman

Summer Confessions is a wonderful story. It has all the makings of a great movie. It takes a look at the stereotypes and prejudices associated with same sex relationships, and … Continue reading

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The Energy Series Book #2

While I really enjoyed Tainted Energy, Lost Energy was so much better! It was fast-paced and action packed. It picks up where the first book in the series left off. … Continue reading

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A Book Inspired by Margaret Mead

Euphoria does just what the name implies. It instills a feeling of great excitement and elation. The book is captivating. Its title Euphoria  is given to it after Nell Stone states that … Continue reading

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The Energy Series #1

I received a copy of Tainted Energy  by Lynn Vroman through the Read It ‘n Reap Program, a part of one of my book clubs, in exchange for an honest review.   … Continue reading

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Hello booklovers!

I will begin by saying that I am neither an author nor an aspiring one. I do not profess to be a professional reviewer of books. I simply love to read. … Continue reading

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