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A Book Inspired by Margaret Mead

euphoriaEuphoria does just what the name implies. It instills a feeling of great excitement and elation. The book is captivating. Its title Euphoria  is given to it after Nell Stone states that the feeling of discovery is euphoria. Nell, Fen, and Bankston on are three anthropological explorers that have set out to study the tribes along the banks of the Sepik River in New Guinea. Their story, one of love, desire and friendship, is beautiful and very moving. Nell and Bankston are my favorite characters. They connect thru loss.

The information from their notes gives the reader a unique look into the lives of the tribal members. While all three had different opinions and views about the tribes they studied, it offered me a great deal of insight into tribal life on the Sepik River.

I really enjoyed this book. Even though it doesn’t end well for the three of them, it was such a great story.Lily-King_by-Laura-Lewis1

Interview with the author:


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