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Summer Confessions by Lynn Vroman


Summer Confessions is a wonderful story. It has all the makings of a great movie. It takes a look at the stereotypes and prejudices associated with same sex relationships, and it addresses the issue of mental illness. It is filled with drama and suspense, and I think it could be classified as a thriller.

This story has a special appeal to me, because it takes place in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. As a native of the area, it was nice to be able to read a book with its setting there.

Macy and Rachel face not only discrimination from their neighbors as they discover their feelings for one another, but they end up fighting for their very lives. Rachel’s creepy, psychotic brother Jeb thinks he is in love with Macy, and he is willing to do anything to keep her all to himself.

The characters were great. Macy is spunky and determined. Rachel is timid and sweet. Ana, Macy’s best friend, is sassy and fun. However, Macy’s Papaw is my favorite. He isn’t afraid of a little gossip, and he offers Macy his unconditional love and devotion.

If you are looking for a teen romance that offers more than romance, this is the book. It will definitely keep you on edge. I couldn’t put it down. Great read!

summer 2


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