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The Siren by Meg Xuemei X


The Siren is an amazing combination of Sci-Fi and fantasy. It is not your typical YA fantasy novel. Lucienne Lam is the first female to be born into a long line of Sirens. She is chosen as heir of the Sirens despite her gender, which results in the birth of an organization known as the Sealers. The Sealers are composed of her male family members and their allies that wish to see her dead and buried. She must prove that she is the rightful heir and fulfill the prophecy.

Lucienne’s story takes her on an mission to obtain a sacred scroll from Tibetan monks. There, her companion and fellow thief Vladimir confesses his love for her. Unfortunately, Lucienne’s kiss can kill Vlad, so she must avoid his advances until she has fulfilled the prophecy.

When Lucienne tries to do what she believes is necessary to pursue her destiny, she is thrown into a battle against the TimeDust, a Seraphan, and a boy the ancients have designed to be with her. She must chose between Vlad and Ashburn. If she chooses wrong, she may bring about the destruction of the world.

I loved the characters. They were interesting and multi-faceted. And, I really enjoyed how unique this book is in comparison to other books in this genre. I am looking forward to reading the sequel Nexus Tear..

Author – Meg Xuemei X

Book 2


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